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Red clothes, songs, the arrow sash, Bonhomme’s Effigy and the little shot of caribou that gets you in the mood are all time-honored traditions going back to the origin of the Carnival, and sometimes earlier. Nothing improves the ambiance of the Carnival Night Parades more than these long red or blue trumpets!

The Carnival helped the arrow sash remain a part of Quebec society to this day. Come on, put on your red coat, your arrow sash and your tuque—in Quebec City, celebrating is part of our DNA! The Carnival trumpet can produce sound up to 144 decibels?

Very soon, the Carnival became a must-see for the local population and a crucial driver of tourism in the city.

Nowadays, the Quebec Winter Carnival is a major winter event and an engine driving the Quebec economy and lifestyle during the cold season.

Bonhomme Carnaval becomes the Carnival's ambassador, traveling worldwide to promote the event.

The Ice Palace is built at the Esplanade, in front of Parliament Building, rather than at place D’Youville.

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Word has it that the designer, architect André Robitaille, was inspired by a photograph of an iceberg taken in 1908 by Captain Joseph-Elzéar Bernier during one of his expeditions to the far north.Activities are grouped together on two major sites: the Esplanade, in front of Parliament Building, and the Plains of Abraham.