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From Carcassonne s boulevn rd-erw irclctl Ville Basse, or Lower Town, we reached the old stone bridge over the River Aude and caught nur first thrilling aj in ipse of the Cite, the fortress city.

There it had stood for centuries, commandi'im ihe straiegic ap- proaches to Catalonia (prunes -5*.

One nf llic ini*n apnlngized on heltalf of Ins city fur the ii reception.

]i blinding rain we rhovr up lo ii garage, but a man peering through tlw wide double dours waved us away Slinking my (Mil] out Into the deluge, I spluttered a* hini In my rusty r'lench, With an eloquent Ga Uir Atvkt Iff ttt in. Tt «n an undertaker *s parage , Klat Mirniely derunaleil black mac lies and somber-gartied but ifrumlng aurndantft surrounded us.

In excellent Knjzlish At described in vivid detail all the Ingtttt CKKI methods prc-gunpowder military minds had deviled for repelling attack.

I can well credit the churn made fur Carcas- Sonne, that even such means Is represented in its defences.

Plane trees bordered the road For miles as we left Montnellier, These long avenues d screen the ent ire enclosure «»f the choir, filling ihe eastern half of the church, is stmilnrly carved, while Aiandfog in reffulach' spaced niches are beautifully t Xtk ailed small natues of angel*. Apostles, arid other Biblical fi Ktireik Sfcvertly empty nkhea. , of bow close this masterpiece of sndpturr and all the frescoes came to de Mnic- rinn during tin 1 Krvuluttar L An imtoeiiv painting of lie Last Judgment, done by French artist*, once covered the inner surface of two n f the massive brick piers of t he trover and the space between Ihetn. die reotral portion was s.-jerinred for accc«m, converted iuio a chapel, and to make room for the treat «irgan. From golden dawn tn bkudng sundown the roseate hue?

The vast printing's somber Tones and • imotis *oncepliun ? make a visual symphony ,i tones endli^Jy USerui and change through every mutation uf the weather.

Mi /a met "* ann ual pure hn&i of woolrcl sheepskins from the meal producers of the Niuihern Hemisphere bad almost reached its prewar level of uo.~P 7 VOLUME «: 2 ■ v, i: W fa The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE JULY, 1951 France's Past Lives in Langiiedoc Willi 39 Illustrations and Map 25 In Natural Colors WALTER M HAYEKS EDWARDS Labrador Canoe Adventure With 30 lllualrationf and Z Map* 23 in Natural Colors Spain's Silkworm Gut M Tl I uftt rations in Natural Colore Versatile Wood Waits on Man Wirh 14 Illustration* Idaho Loggers Battle h River 18 ILluatra Uortit Wonderland in Longwnud Gardens With 2 Illustration. vvlikli wretches from the Vriay region nlnrnst 10 Perpiyww. JB 19 in Natural Cetera % ANTHONY STEWART ANDREW BROWN and RALPH GRAY LUJS MARDEN ANDREW RROWN ROSS HALL Sixty-four Pages of Illustrations in Color PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY WASHINGTON, D. Then he added facrliuusly, ''Vichy, remem- ber, is famous for its waters.** Sly wife Mary and [ wire headed fur ihr sprawling province of Lartuuerlnc.suggestive of illustrations for Dante * frtftrm), are in Wronft contrast to the bright Italinn frescoes done several decades Ijirr (pace .10). Most buildings, includ- ing the Cathedral and the many -arched bridges, are of red brick. Toulouse, Langucdoc'5 principal industrial center , 40 miles southwest of A [hi. Arriving in the evening, we si rolled beside rhe broad Garonne, where nlen were fishing with unusually loop pole*.

Small white sails, wen through arches of a distant bridge, flitted about like butterflies. holding n firm bill affectionate grip on the backs of their necks— a style in courting Itchuvior new to 05. Theodore Pnntous, Per petual Secretary of the Academy of the Floral Games, rook us to the old Hotel d'Assexat. He showed U5 sold and irflver flowers awarded annually as prbees for verse in fijirt/ic d'ac.Fencers Vic im Uuutillv Day Metallic clicking sounds of swordplay and oya a leii-tiandfr'i diacoiu irriinc t Jn lw I.