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On the economy: "Change has to come from outside our very broken system." "We've doubled our national debt to trillion under President Obama." "Nearly 1 in 4 Americans in their prime earning years isn't even working." "I am asking the American people to dream big once again." "Will withdraw the U. And some of them are voting." "2.8 million people are registered in more than one state...

14% of non-citizens are registered to vote." "According to Pew, there are 24 million voter registrations in the United States that are either invalid or significantly inaccurate." "Just been learned on video that the violent protests at some of my rallies..caused by paid DNC & Clinton campaign operatives." On immigration: "We're going to suspect immigration from terror-prone regions." On Hillary: "Hillary Clinton should have been precluded from running... covered up her crimes." "Hillary Clinton is not running against me.

She's running against change." "Hillary Clinton is...

running against all of the American people and all of the American voters.

In addition, does this sound like an outsider administration to you with Jeff Sessions, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie and Bob Corker being considered for presidential appointments? The Republican Whigs are trying to populate the Trump administration with their own people.

Trump has to be careful that he doesnt become another President Nixon. Full show link below a keynote speech in Gettysburg, Pa., about his plans for his first 100 days in office, Donald Trump laid out what he sees as the the core priorities of a Trump presidency, while focusing in the early part of the speech on attacks against Hillary Clinton and Wall Street, and repeating his core message by telling his audience that Washington and Wall Street are rigged against him and that he is the candidate to bring the change that has to come." "I am not a politician, Trump told the crowd.

Most SES members are career officials, but up to 10 percent of the SES can be political appointees.

(For more information see the Office of Personnel Managements website.) There are 680 non-career members of the SES.

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They range from schedulers and confidential assistants to policy experts.

Levin offered his congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump, but he reminded his audience that it was not Trump who defeated Hillary Clinton.

Rather, the constitutional conservatives who went forth and voted for him are the real victors.

Source: Plum Book, Government Printing Office, December https:// THIS FIGHT IS JUST GETTING STARTED TO PRESERVE FREEDOM ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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Now of course the "usual suspects" will worm there way through the system to undermine it, and this is where the battle is, this is where can beat them back.

Presidential Appointments without Senate Confirmation (PA): There are 353 PA positions which make up much of the White House staff, although they are also scattered throughout many of the smaller federal agencies.