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But Paul and Elaine kept in touch, continuing to run into each other on the streets of Manhattan, until she gave him the direct line to her room at the top of the Carlisle.

The way kids learn the ABCs, I had this insane memory, essentially.” Little Paul was soon doing impersonations – of Ethel Merman singing “No Business Like Show Business” on , luck would have it that the star was two hours late to her own show – she was out to lunch with Madonna (the only excuse for keeping a crowd of paying audience members waiting). “My dad must have manifested this somehow, and sure enough, he was like, ‘Go!

After finishing high school and attending acting school for a year, Paul began to really work on his artistry. I was reading play after play, I wasn’t in school so I was educating myself – reading everything – Tennessee Williams, Edward Albee…

all the classic playwrights, and I wrote my first play,, the story of a geek whose giant penis inspires him to step outside his social rank.

A New Play What does it mean to be a performing artistfirst, last and always? When the 88-year-old firecracker injures herself weeks before opening night of her latest (and probably last) Broadway musical, the show is put on hold.

Her indomitable will to perform is challenged further when the show's producer and longtime friend, Langston Moorehead, is quoted blaming the accident on Luella's lifetime battle with booze.And my agent at the time – everyone around me – was enabling me.” was unexpectedly cancelled after two seasons, leaving Iacano blindsided. He had been cast in a small queer play by Justin Sayer at Ars Nova, and agreed to do some gay press for it.