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14-Oct-2017 12:33

They are called the third sex in Thailand – men, women and ladyboys, who are sometimes called by the Thai word "katoey." I have never used the term "katoey" with Sue because she thinks it is demeaning. After initially contacting Sue through the online dating service, we began chatting almost every day. Sue had a hard time with the English language and I was no better with Thai. And the more we got to know each other, the more we both knew that we had found our dream partners. We quickly walked outside into the humid night air and hailed a taxi. While continuing to play with her ass with my right hand, I began playing with her cock with my left hand. In Thailand, there are an estimated quarter of a million ladyboys. It was the first time I had seen her naked and I wanted to take in the sight of her naked body – her perfectly firm breasts, which were the result of implants – and her small lovely uncut cock. Her uncut manmeat hung down limply and I was determined to change that in a hurry.

Nine months after our first contact, I stepped off a plane in Bangkok and my life was never the same again. But as I passed the last checkpoint and the security doors opened to let me pass into the airport, I saw her waiting for me at the edge of the crowd of people waiting to welcome other arriving passengers. And as she shyly grinned at me, I made my way through the hordes of people until I stood directly in front of her. We had agreed that we would not kiss at the airport. Within minutes we were at the hotel, located on the edge of the Nana Entertainment Plaza, which was a smorgasbord of discos, go-go bars and fancier nightclubs and restaurants. And on the coffee table in the sitting area was a vase with two dozen red roses – which I had ordered in advance for my sweetheart. "You are such good man," she said softly, and then kissed me deeply. I began licking her groin area, savoring the lovely aroma of her skin, then running my tongue up and down the length of her cock.

I positioned myself so that I would have better access to Sue's cock.